Megan Cerminaro

Studio portrait of Los Angeles-based artist Hilary Pecis, sitting in front of her paintings.

Studio portrait of LA-based artist Hilary Pecis, 2021

Detail of an abstract painting by artist Maysha Mohamedi.

Studio shoot for LA-based artist Maysha Mohamedi, 2020

A glass of water sitting in the sun alongside supplement capsules.

Product shoot, Meehan Formulations, 2021

Skin serum in a dropper, glistening in the sunlight.

Product shoot, Meehan Formulations, 2021

Paintings hung salon-style for an art exhibition by Penske Projects.

Art exhibition documentation, Penske Projects, 2020

Pink ceramic flowers, appearing in a row.

GIF for Zena Segre, 2017

Portrait of a figure hiding behind a vibrant silk scarf.

Curly Q Scarves by Sarah Kim

Photographed for Eggy Press, 2017

Large-scale, black and white photographs hung in a brightly lit art gallery.

Installation documentation for Traywick Contemporary, 2017

Two artist-made bookends.

Bookends by Home Funishing, documented for Eggy Press, 2018

A stack of bingo cards.

Project documentation for Eggy Press, 2019

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